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Direct API Integration Resources


We offer electronic payment methods that you may offer as payment options to your client base. The gateway operates in an ultra high availability configuration and uses a standard series of XML, SOAP & HTTPs post messages to operate.

Intended Audience

This resource pack is technical in nature and should be used by your company’s developers to integrate your systems into the payment gateway. It assumes the reader has knowledge and understanding of internet protocols like HTTPs, SSL, XML, SOAP etc.


There are 2 requirements for this method; An SSL is Required as well as Port 4430 needs to be opened to outgoing TCP. Please download the port test in order to test this


Release Date Download
14/01/2014 Guide
03/04/2014 Port 4430 Test
31/12/2020 Test Cards

Code Packs

Release Date Download
03/04/2014 C#
03/04/2014 VB
03/04/2014 Classic ASP
03/04/2014 Coldfusion
03/04/2014 Java
11/07/2014 PHP